Elkhart’s New Facility

In mid-2014, All-State Industries completed the acquisition of a new 90,000 square foot facility in Elkhart, IN.  With the leases of both our Elkhart facilities coming due at the end of 2014, we were finally able to focus on merging both operations and their corresponding teams under one roof.  The teams in Elkhart, Chicago and Des Moines have been busy over the past six months coordinating with contractors to have both the office completely refurbished as well as various items fixed and installed in the production environment.

The vacuum forming, plastic fabrication and assembly portion of the Elkhart operation will occupy 60,000 square feet of the new building once they move in, leaving plenty of room for growth in the future.  To better utilize a portion of the remaining space, we plan to move select pieces of die cut business to the Indiana operation in the coming months in an effort to relieve space constraints in both Dallas and Chicago.  This will enable the Elkhart operation to enhance its manufacturing capabilities locally, while giving Dallas and Chicago the ability to continue on their growth path without the need (at least for a little while) for an expensive and risky move into larger facilities.

We look forward to having both operations working together as one come March of this year.  We are excited to have this nice, new facility which should go a long way in showing our current and future customers the level of commitment we have in growing the thermoforming side of our business.