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Conveyor Belt Fasteners - We offer a complete selection of conveyor belt fasteners. To order, quote, or for more information CONTACT US.
Alligator Conveyor Belt Fasteners- For easy, economical installation and an exceptionally smooth joint, choose Alligator® Belt Lacing Fastener System. Steel or stainless lacing is available in continuous lengths to fit any belt width. The hammer-applied splice requires no special installation tools and is ideal for low-volume users with belts up to 1/2" (13mm) thick. SEE A PRODUCT IMAGE
Alligator Staple Conveyor Belt Fasteners - The Alligator® Ready Set™ Staple, featuring one-piece fastener strips with preinserted staples, reduces installation time by eliminating the need to handle and load individual staples. The result is a strong splice that resists impact damage, as well as a smooth, unrippled joint that simplifies hinge pin insertion. SEE A PRODUCT IMAGE
Bolt Hinged - For belts operating over smaller pulleys - such as in construction equipment and road machinery - Flexco® Bolt Hinged fasteners are strong, dependable and easy-to-install. SEE A PRODUCT IMAGE
Rivet Hinged - Designed for rubber plied and PVC solid woven belting, and for worn belts unfit for vulcanized splices, the Flexco® SR™ Scalloped Edge™ fastener features a low profile that significantly reduces the fastener's exposure to cleaner blades, skirt rubber, and return idlers. The staggered rivet pattern also provides maximum holding ability by allowing the rivets to pass between the carcass fibers without damaging them.
Bolt Solid Plate - Flexco® Bolt Solid Plate fasteners are engineered to meet the demands of the toughest material-handling applications. They can be applied to belts mechanically rated up to 620PIW (105 kN/m), and are commonly used on higher-tension main-haulage belts used for highly abrasive materials such as sand, gravel, and crushed stone, as well as coal, cement and salt. SEE A PRODUCT IMAGE
Rivet Solid Plate - The heavy-duty Rivet Solid Plate Fastener System is recommended for the most demanding high-tension applications. The staggered, multiple-point attachment delivers long-lasting holding ability for mechanical ratings up to 800 PIW (140 kN/m).
Wire Hooks - The double-staggered grip pattern gives Clipper® Wire Hooks exceptional holding power without degrading the integrity of the belt carcass. Today's splices also have a very low profile, making them increasingly more compatible with with conveyor components and compliant with the need to reduce operating noise. Choose from a wide selection of wire diameters, leg and point lengths, strip lengths and styles.
Conveyor Belt Fasteners
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